T2L (True 2 Life) is a new technology specifically created and crafted for pianos which combines the following innovations developed to enhance the responsiveness and accuracy of sound timbre relative to the dynamic articulation of the performer.

T2L handles the various algorithms designed to simulate every single ‘nuance’ reproduced taking care of all aspects of the sound that can also be modified by the user to personalize or create new sounds.
It seemed an impossible dream but now it is reality.

Audio Definition incomparable to Video Definition. Imagine seeing a movie in VHS quality and then seeing it in HD at 4K.
Dexibell exceeds the current standard of 16-bit and 44.1 KHz, the standard audio CD reproduction, with the use of higher definition, both in the “waveforms” format and also in the integrated circuit of the conversion from digital to analogue (DAC).
This new technology guarantees a better frequency response and a 256 times higher dynamic response than a conventional 16-bit instrument.

At the heart of the Dexibell piano lies an incredibly powerful “Quad Core” processor capable of managing 320 digital oscillators. This huge number of oscillators allows for the simulation of all elements, sounds and noises which culminate to model the T2L sound.
The increased polyphony used in Dexibell Pianos contributes to simulate the realistic responsiveness of a real acoustic piano as well Classic Organ, through virtually unlimited polyphony.

Extra extra large sample length. Throughout the range of Dexibell musical instruments, the recorded waveform length of each individual note is between 3 and 15 times higher than the equivalent products currently on the market.

A low note on a Dexibell piano has an original waveform of 15 seconds. The current average is between 1 and 5 seconds.

The result is astonishing realism and vitality of the harmonics through the evolution of the sound of the held notes.

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Excelente stage piano y controlador. instrumento versátil, ligero y de un sonido realmente convincente.

Luis Rodriguez Varela
Luis Rodriguez Varela

Love the way updating my Dexibell S3 OS brings huge additional features. Last time I got audio usb interface. Now 3 layered parts. What other features are hidden inside this box?

Tim Hyde
Tim Hyde

Indeed, the fantastic Dexibell Classico L3 an amazing keyboard, the church organ needs to be heard to be believed!

Oliver Wakeman
Oliver Wakeman

The best touch I've ever experienced on a digital instrument, so inspiring! Thank you Dexibell.

Sam White
Sam White

The Dexibell Vivo S9 unleashes world-class piano sounds and touch with thousands of additional digital downloads.